Open The Flow, LLC
Beatrice W. Hansen,

New offer:  Mentor Coaching

If you are in the process of becoming certified or are up for renewal at the ACC level through ICF, I am now providing mentor coaching services.  Please contact me for a customized plan to meet your coaching development needs.

The name of my business, Open the Flow, LLC speaks to the heart of the work I most enjoy: discovering together how to facilitate big shifts in your perspective while opening the flow of your own energy and aliveness.  This empowers you to move toward the future you design.  

My coaching approach is very practical and measurable.  It is grounded in behavioral change through the body, mind and heart, and is action oriented.


I am a Visionary Change Artist and I facilitate Transformational Learning.   You envision your outcomes and change happens through practices that are specifically geared towards building the competencies you need to reach your desired results.

I am here to inspire and support you to take the next steps toward creating what you really want. Please contact me for Leadership Coaching, Consulting and Training  at 713-857-1506 or

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
--Marcel Proust

 ...Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting - over and over again announcing your place in the family of things” 

 --Mary Oliver



Here we are, moving into the fall of 2017 - what fruits have ripened now, as a result of your inner and outer work that you are now ready to harvest? What is the relationship of these results to your goals, plans, and actions your set for yourself?  Are these outcomes in alignment with who you are and want to be this year? 


I am a Leadership Coach, Consultant and Trainer, and I work one on one with executives and emerging leaders to support them to actually get where they want to go. I also train coaches in the Presence-Based Coaching methodology in North Carolina and the DC area with my mentor Doug Silsbee (.com).  I offer Mentor Coaching at the PCC level, and facilitate leadership training programs locally, around the United States and internationally.

The clients I work with are often facing change and feeling challenged by it, or they want to create a new trajectory that more accurately reflects who they are becoming. They recognize that who they are impacts the outcomes they create, at work and in life.  They are committed to their success and open to learning new skills that will move them towards positive growth and their true potential.  This leads them to the results they envision.


I’d love to hear more about the particulars of your learning edge these days. I am available by phone or in person for Leadership Coaching, Consulting and Training.  Allow me to be of service by contacting me at 713-857-1506 or email me at


I encourage you to welcome and fully embrace whatever changes your life is bringing toward you, identify your growth edges, get some outside support, and remember to have some FUN!