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Beatrice W. Hansen,

Upcoming at The Insight Shop, Fairfax: What's Your Type?


Saturday, October 28, 10 AM - 1 PM 

114 Courthouse Road, SW

Vienna, VA



Taught by Beatrice "Bebe" Hansen, MSSW, PCC


The Enneagram is considered a personality-typing system, though Enneagtypes are much deeper than personality types.  Our Enneatype reflects our primary drives, passions, underlying motivations, energy, focus of attention, and orientation to the world.  It also is related to the psychological (and physiological) armor we wear, the lenses through which we view the world,d and our manner of relating.  Each of the nine Enneatypes reflects a deficit of which we try to compensate, as well as phsycholocial and spiritual gifts, and points to a path toward growth and transformation.

Suggested pre-work: You will receive more from this workshop if you go to the Enneagram Institute website ( and take the RHETI online test for $12 before you come. Print out the first few pages of your results to bring with you, as well as a journal and pen.

About the Instructor
Bebe Hansen is a leadership coach, consultant, and trainer who has worked with leaders in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors. She is certified by the Enneagram Institute and teaches the Riso-Hudson system in workshops.


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